Can I teach myself the violin?

What am I going to do? What am I not good at doing? How am I gonna get back on track with singing and playing the violin? (I’m an artist, but I’m sure that a lot of my friends think I have no talent for anything.) But the only way you can make that happen, whether it’s singing, or playing your instrument or anything else, that’s how you know you can do it; you’ve got the passion. So that’s the motivation that we’ve got going for us right now.

I just want to write more, but I think I owe you the time of day too. I don’t know…I’m just tired of being on TV all this time, and that’s really all I’m trying to do. And you know, I’m in Los Angeles in a band that kind-of has been kicking around over here for quite a bit, I guess, which has been kind of good, because we don’t have any actual obligations. We’ve been playing music together for the past year. You know we get to play and talk with each other and go out and have beers and have a lot of fun, and that’s been very productive. But in our situation, we don’t have any obligations here. We just got to keep doing what we’re doing because that’s the only thing we can do. So there’s always something. I’m going to get home to a cold shower of beer and a few sandwiches and a bottle of wine and a bunch of movies. But I don’t know, I don’t know how that’s gonna happen unless something breaks and we have to go get more money or something.
My Second Technique Book - Basic Exercises for Violin with Piano ...

What are you working on next right now?

We’re going back out somewhere. It’s gonna be like a three-day trip, just playing around and talking about everything. But you know, I’ll go and do a little thing, and then we’ll go back out there. We’ve got some songs that we’re gonna record tomorrow and then we’re gonna go play in L.A. You know we were playing in L.A. and we were talking about it and the tour was kind of done for about a month. I was out with some good friends in L.A. and you know they’ve just started getting down here and they were just in town. I mean they were just down with it for a month and a half. And then we were like, “No, no, no, go out,