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In the past, many young violinists had no teachers. The reason is simple: they were too busy studying.

What if you had a teacher who worked with you? How could you learn the guitar? If you only had your teacher to work with, where would you learn your technique?

Would you learn the violin? If you never had the opportunity to sit down with a teacher, would you ever learn the guitar?

When many young pianists play on their own, what do they learn? Is it by listening to the teacher? Are they taught by listening to the teacher?

If the pianist doesn’t learn the instrument by sitting down with a teacher, where would he have learned it?

In this article, you will learn some simple questions to ask your teacher to see what the answer to each question is. Hopefully, you will find your teacher who cares about you and what you’re achieving.

How to Ask Your Teacher for Guidance

First, find someone who can help you with your homework, practice, and study.
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Second, ask your teacher for a copy of your “Billing” sheet.

Third, ask your teacher how you can make a practice schedule for your exams.

Fourth, ask your teacher if they can teach you how to tune your instrument in 5-minute increments.

Fifth, ask your teacher if you can take the instrument home with you for a day or two while you learn.

Sixth, ask your teacher if he can teach you techniques. If you can learn the piano and guitar by sitting down for a week, why not the violin or guitar?

Ask your teacher if you can take your music study to a smaller, more individual class session with 1-3 other students.

Ask your teacher if he can teach you to play along with your favourite composer’s works.

You should have a teacher for anything you choose to do: you can study violin practice in the comfort of your own home, play guitar when you want, and sing in your local choir. You can find a free music lessons calendar at

When you want to study guitar, try my online guitar coaching course to learn step by step how to learn guitar from a teacher.

How to Ask Your Teacher for Teaching

I recommend that you go to a teacher who has already been your teacher before.

If they are not a piano teacher, they will

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