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Do you do lessons? What are the costs and what kinds of lessons do you charge by the piece? What other skills are we talking about?
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For the video that discusses the basic ideas and how to get started on learning violin, please click here.

For a video describing exactly what kind of lessons we offer in regards to lesson time, here is a short video: Lessons for Beginners: Teaching Yourself to Play the Violin.

How do you practice?

When you are beginning to play violin you won’t ever play with full control of what is going on. There will be moments on the violin where you will want to start playing by accident or through some force of nature. In that moment, don’t panic…just stay calm and follow the motion of your bow and keep your wrist relaxed. As you develop a better grip on how your hand will handle the bow, you will begin to better control the bow during that kind of accident. If you have trouble controlling the bow, it is very likely that you will find yourself trying to teach your students how to do certain things with their hands. It will be okay to let them play for a few minutes before starting to teach, but be ready to go over their work and make sure you get it right.

What instruments do you use?

We like to do the entire range from classical to contemporary with the exception of viola and cornet strings. We tend to do our lessons on violas and cornet instruments the same day that we teach them: Wed, Thu or Fri.

What are your standards for teaching students?

We have standard lesson materials, and we do a few things to help our students:

We have an online learning platform we use that lets our students access the lessons that we have posted. We use the platform because we want our students to be able to find the lessons they need. We don’t tell students to use it, but they might not remember the lessons if they don’t use it. By default, our students do not get any free time to play, and have to take lessons for a daily rate. They have to pay more for those lessons, but that is the price we have to pay for our service. They can use a personal account to make unlimited payments. They can pay up to $100 per month and can purchase their own tickets. They do not have to be signed up in advance so there will be a waiting list. As people pay more up

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