Can violin be self taught? – Learn Violin Online India

If so, how?

Yes, a violin can be self taught; however, due to the wide range of materials used, it may take a considerable amount of time and effort to get a level of competence with each instrument. With that being said, there are plenty of resources that will help your learning process; they can be your online teachers or local music stores. For more about the techniques and strategies for helping students reach their instrument mastery without taking on more time, check out our free workshops on Self Teaching The Violin.

Am I just a professional violinist who is seeking to advance in the instrument or should I have a professional education?

You are not just any violinist – you’re passionate about the art of violin and will look for something outside of music education. In other words, you will be searching for another way to become proficient with your violin, such as being involved in an open-source community project or a self-initiated learning challenge. If you are passionate about learning, you should consider working with a music teacher on an outside project or with an online community.

What kind of work do I need to do while I have my violin?

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