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Is it difficult if you just play it for 10 minutes? There’s no way to know if you just need to spend a few more days to learn to play. The goal for a beginner is to learn to play in front of an audience, which doesn’t have to be a large one, and it can do so with about the same efficiency as guitar.

Is learning to play classical music really that hard?

Well, it depends on if you use your ears (I’m a big fan of this one-use theory – see my guitar lessons for examples) or if you have a good teacher to help you through the process. If you can’t use your ears to the point where you can’t hear what the teacher tells you to do, it’s pretty hard to learn to play classical music (and even harder if you have to watch someone else play). In any case, for the average person learning to play classical music there isn’t a big difference between learning to play a jazz album (like the Mozart one) or learning to play a modern pop album.

Can I learn classical music on the guitar?

Yes – that’s the great thing about the guitar: a bunch of people can play it together and learn to do what it does. I’m not talking about just playing with the same song; it starts with you developing an innate rhythm and vocabulary and the rest will be based on what you want to do. If you can learn to play a song in a short period of time, you can practice in front of other people or in a practice room and you can learn to play any musical style in this way, as long as your playing is solid. If you want to learn the music for the first time, you can spend some time getting to know your instrument by listening to and practicing with people who already know it. You might not know anyone who knows this music yet, but there is a reason why the music is called classical – because the people who know it want to share it with others. To practice for a new piece that you haven’t heard before, just go to a public library and get some tunes to read, or just practice on your own and do some listening online. There’s nothing too hard for you though… And if you do want to take it a step further – you don’t have to learn it from scratch; the most important thing you need to know is a good idea of how much music you will need (and what instruments you will need).

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