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No. You can be good. You can master every style and every string. At this age though, I would never put anything past you. You can still learn guitar even if you don’t play that much.

In a move that could benefit the economy over the next five years, the Supreme Court has dismissed a suit against a New York law that prevents non-profit organisations from hiring their gay employees.

The landmark case was brought by three men who worked in the New York Civil Liberties Union and were fired from their jobs. The men claimed in court that the law forced a gay man working for the organisation to be out to the broader workforce. A federal court in the US ruled in their favor in March but the New York appeals court rejected that ruling, saying the law was constitutional.
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Now, though, the Supreme Court has dismissed the suit and granted the men’s petition – meaning that the law is no longer law in New York. The Supreme Court made the statement in a statement released on Monday.

“The Court has now confirmed that the New York Civil Liberties Union’s decision not to act is fully consistent with the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution,” the Court’s website read. “Under that Clause, a state cannot pass a law that ‘restricts a man’s freedom of movement’ or ‘restricts a man’s right to marry.'”

The decision comes a week after the high court overturned a lower court ruling which allowed a Kentucky school district to refuse to allow gay teens to attend a school based on their sexual orientation.

As many as four other states have laws that restrict gay employees from entering the workforce; the three plaintiffs worked for the ACLU in Washington DC.

The women’s lawyers said that if they won the case and appealed to the Supreme Court, they would seek an injunction to ensure that all state-based non-gay discrimination laws are also ruled constitutional until the federal courts do so too.

“We believe every employee with the exception of military personnel should be able to work anywhere in America without worrying that a discriminatory law will affect their employment opportunities,” said lawyer Roberta Kaplan-Reed-Gersh. “We are confident that the Supreme Court will also support our rights and the legal rights of all workers to move freely in our country.”

The three men involved in the case are Peter Colvin, the head of the New York Civil Liberties Union; Mark Geragos and John Schmitt, who were both at the organization

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