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I will burn the bow, and you must go to hell.’ And he did that. He could not burn his archery bag.”

The story is told in Genesis 6:11-14. This verse includes seven witnesses who know the incident, including Noah.

The problem is the Hebrew word that came in second place is the word for “burn” in the Bible, “deshon”. This is the same word that is translated as “to take out” in the above verse.

The question then becomes…how is it not obvious that deshon means “to burn”? The word can literally mean “to take out” or “to turn.” So, in the above verse there is a clear implication that the man who burned his bow was an agent of God, not the bowman himself. So why would the man do the unthinkable?

What was God thinking in His creation of man? A man must know his place in the creation. It could not have been an accident, like the man burning the bow.

This story is a good example for the Bible. If God created Adam and Eve, they would know their place. No matter what happens, they would know the Creator had created them to enjoy Himself.


In what could be an unintended consequence, the US government will now allow companies to use data collected through the government’s mass surveillance. In a series of press conferences on Thursday, Edward Snowden confirmed that companies can send customer data to the government, without a warrant.
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The revelation that the US National Security Agency would be able to scan the internet as they would any paper form, including mail and emails, follows on the heels of a series of revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that revealed what US government had obtained from the NSA.

While many in Silicon Valley were quick to question the necessity of sending information to intelligence services, the US government has been looking to expand and strengthen its data gathering capabilities despite the widespread suspicion that the United States is the ‘greatest spying nation’ on the planet. Snowden’s revelations, in many ways paving the way for similar disclosures from others, have put the NSA under greater scrutiny, prompting the Obama administration to ask for more tools and the expansion of surveillance to the “collect it all” mode.

Snowden’s statements in San Jose also suggest that the NSA is now able to send data to third-party agencies in order for them to be able to “tag” the contents of communications. Although some in

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