Can you teach yourself violin? – Best Book To Learn Violin Playing

No. You really need the hands to do it, I don’t know about teaching yourself any other instrument, but I was going to try anyway.

Did you learn from the piano teacher?

I would say a lot of it. All the teachers I had played from the time I was 2 years old. I didn’t get started to practice piano until I was 3 years old then I started playing and playing a lot, and that’s where the really good bits and pieces came from.

How old were you when you started playing piano?


Which are your favourite pieces?

I like many of them. I don’t think any of them are really bad, I think any of them are good, but I don’t know many really great ones.

Have you ever tried any of those pieces?

Yes I have, sometimes when I played a particular piece I would play it with the violin.

What do you recommend when others want you to learn something?

It’s a question of trying to find out what you want to do. You can’t really find out what it is you want to do for real, you just learn it from others.

Do other pianists play this particular piece?

I don’t know how many, although I’d say probably none.

It’s been a while…

When I’m playing now, I would say about 20 years old I did not use to play that tune but now I do, it’s a really good tune.

Is there a particular song that you have always wanted to play?

I haven’t always wanted to play any particular song but whenever I did I would put it off until later on.

How have you managed to do that?

You know the way life in the west goes: It’s quite hard to get a piano teacher, but I suppose it can be a bit of a joke now ’cause I know I have the resources to get a teacher. There used to be a great teacher in Munich called Erlöf Schoenauer, but he’s now an old man! So yeah I don’t do bad when I want to play. Just try and wait about two years and then if you can’t find one then go and get some other great teacher.

What does your friend think of your hobby, you do a bit of everything.

I don’t think he likes it much but sometimes people like

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