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A: I would like to get my first job as well as a teacher.

A: Could you be an assistant principal?

A: Yes, I really like it.

A: I’m going to go to college, study music.

A: Yes. It’s a great place to start.

A: I’ll go as a teacher.

(This is the second time she and her grandmother have talked in a few days. They have no idea what to do now for their grandchildren. Her mom is an optician.)

“Did you tell him that you were gonna be an actress and did you mean it?”

(Her mom is the first person she’s spoken to about acting since her first audition.)

“No, she wouldn’t have understood.”

“What did that mean, her mother?”

“Maybe they should have talked about it first. Maybe I should be the one telling him that he’s going to be an actor and did he mean it?”

“You have to tell him, honey?”

“It’s not fair for me to be here, but if he’s going to be an actor, he has to do the right things. He has to want to do it. It’s a shame that his mother doesn’t understand what it means to want to be an actor, because it would have made him feel really bad. I don’t think he ever meant to be an actor.”

“I do think he loves his mother.”

“The thing about my mother and me is I haven’t seen him since we were kids, so I don’t know what made her so angry. Maybe she doesn’t understand.”

“If your mother doesn’t understand what you mean and she really, honestly is angry about it, then she’s really not in love with you.”
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“What is that mean?”

“Is it that you’re a bad boyfriend or that she doesn’t love you?”

“It’s not true. I love her. It’s just that, when I think about her, I feel really uncomfortable, because I felt bad when I was a baby. I’m always scared that she will lose me. I’m always afraid we’ll break up. It’s like, if I fall in love with someone, then I’ll probably lose my parents.”

“I feel like I’m the wrong person to talk to you. I’m really, really

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