Can you teach yourself violin?

It’s hard for some people to find their own level. You want to have enough confidence in your instrument to feel comfortable trying new things.

In the beginning, learn to play from the beginning and practice a ton. If you don’t, you’re bound to end up with bad technique or an inaccurate sound or simply a difficult ear.

My advice: Learn to play from the very beginning. I believe you are capable of learning to play the violin well beyond the level you are reading right now.

Do you play a piano?

Yes, I’m on the organ team for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and my favorite part of the job is watching musicians learn to play something. I often spend hours with the orchestra on my iPhone and Skype or the band members on my iPads.

There are a lot of great players in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, but there are a lot of great musicians out there too. It’s all about working with different cultures in different situations and listening to them get better.

It’s good to be around musicians who think music is funny and appreciate the musical language of other cultures. I like the people there because they’re fun and interesting. There’s a lot of great musicians in the world and they’re all very interesting and interesting people.

Why do you like Baltimore?

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Baltimore is a great place to make music and play with people that have a lot of energy and creativity. It’s very collaborative. You can’t beat that. There is this unique element in all of these small community projects; there is a spirit of collaboration.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part about my job is the constant feedback from other musicians. I love it when I’m challenged to work with someone and show them a new thing they’ve never seen before. It gives you the opportunity to work with someone who is a fan of your band when you’re just trying to learn the instrument. It’s kind of the sweet spot of being a musician.

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