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Maybe. It’s difficult to know. There are no studies looking into that at present, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

From time to time, the people who are responsible for choosing the names of city buildings, monuments, museums, parks, and school buildings are asked if they would ever consider changing it if it means that we won’t need to name the buildings again someday.

I’ll admit, after reading a column called Who’s on the Hot Seat?, I was tempted to start a petition on the website asking for the renaming of the St. Louis Arch to be removed.

“After all, we have to keep naming everything right?” I had thought, I mean, what are we going to do? We already have parks named after our First World War presidents. What will we stop now? I mean, let’s put that in perspective, we already have a national park named for Martin Luther King. It’s already been a national park for 100 years.

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But then I thought, is that really necessary? Not in any real sense. If we can rename our school buildings all the way down to second-graders, why not the Arch?

It’s true that the Arch was actually on the National Register of Historic Places for many years after WW I. If we had to re-name it all by name, we’d probably have to keep it off of the list for a while, and that wouldn’t even be a good thing. It is such a central part of America’s history that if we decided not to keep it on our list, what would it be? I doubt people would say, “Oh good, America went to a whole new level of socialism and equality with the addition of the Arch.”

What would it be? My friends, we need to name the buildings up in our community, the town hall, the libraries, and so on. It should be a priority.

The way I see it, there are no two ways about it. Let’s rename all the schools in our town. Let’s make some big, bold, bold signs that say, “We are for public education!”

And let’s take down the sign for the Arch. Just take it down. Not give a second thought to what this giant concrete statue symbolizes. Put it in another place. Let’s make these decisions while we’re still young, with our first inkling of who we are.

It would give other people an

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