Do violins improve with age? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

One thing is for sure, it is hard to keep up with the changes in the piano family. When a violin starts to show noticeable signs of age, it gets a better age assessment. After considering each instrument, an audiologist will make a note of it. The most important thing to consider is the overall balance of the instrument. Do your violins need a more relaxed tone? Or do you want more power? For violins, that’s all about the tone tubes.

The age assessment isn’t a quick one, but it’s one the ear can do. An audiologist can help you find the perfect balance of power, volume and response, and a good age assessment should give you a good idea about how you’ll be playing over the next few decades.

Do Violin Strings Get Better Old?

Like many things in life, there is a correlation.

I know. You say it yourself.

The longer you play, the harder it gets.

So I’d say the longer you play, the more you’ll need your violins to stay sharp with age.

In a way, yes.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll sound better in the time in which you play but, rather, they’ll be able to handle the demands of your sound, and your playing technique. In the end, your playing will be better, not better looking.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll make it easy to learn an instrument because of a particular string’s age, not even close. When I first took up violins, they tended to be in worse shape than their younger counterparts. I remember one violins that had a string that was cracked and a string that was bent, just to name a couple.

So as old as the string is, that’s probably not a good excuse to play it because it won’t cut like it used to.

With every age assessment, the older, better sounding string gets the benefit of the doubt of a better assessment. As I said, you’ll have to look at every individual instrument.

Can I Play With a Strings that is Older than my Strings?

Well, yes, you can play with a older strings that you have already played.

The main thing is, that at this point, they wouldn’t be as effective in tone. So if you’re looking to practice more often than you’ve played with their age before, it might be a good idea to

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