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In recent years, violin builders have adopted plastic and rubber and glass as the most common structural materials, even though these materials are not in demand. The main reason for choosing these materials is that they are non-conductive and non-disruptive and they tend to be more cheap to produce. In some situations, though, materials with other structural properties may make for better products.

A traditional violin is designed in accordance with the rules set out by the International Violin Society. The rules of composition, string width, bridge shape, tuning, fingerboard width etc are all established to make sure that each violin will perform its role as the perfect work of art.

Is it true that violins are cheaper to make?

It is true that the cost of purchasing a new violin may be less than buying one now. However, they do not come with a guarantee that they will remain in perfect working conditions for many years or even decades. This means that they are in demand during the working year, even if they are not available when you need them.

You should not have to pay more for a new violin if it is a good deal when new, even if the cost is higher than that of a comparable instrument that has been in use as long.

For a violin to perform as well as a new instrument, it will probably need to last over several years.

Which brands of violins are made in Italy?

In fact, as far as European manufacturers are concerned there are only two that make violins that go across the Atlantic Ocean – Violoncello by Piatigorsky and Violoncello by Schreiber & Schreiber. The Violoncello brand from Poland is also offered as well as the Violoncello brand from France. Most violin makers manufacture in the European Union, and these countries have more than one maker. There is an additional company from Italy that makes violins that is not available in the US. We offer both Italian and German violins.

The German manufacturers have produced their instruments in the German-speaking areas of Austria and Switzerland, in Germany.

Is a digital or a traditional violin available to purchase?

For a buyer wanting to buy the latest model from a European brand, we provide a range of new and classic models of all sizes including the Stradivarius.

We also have a larger selection of imported models.

For those who desire a truly authentic model, we also

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