Does a violin get better with age? – Beginner Violin Sheet Music Free Pdf

In this episode, we hear from a number of professional string-chewing violinists who have seen their instruments get fatter and worse over time. These are not just anecdotal stories, but have been recorded with a professional violinist. All told, one string in six is over 80, and another in twelve. How do some instruments age more than others? Is one of their problems the problem?

Download this episode, and more, including:

A review of “Viola Solo” by Robert Williams, a soloist with over twenty years of experience at the professional level.

A review by Tony Gwynne, violinist with over forty years of experience, of the history of violin tunings and of his own playing of these tuning standards.

This fascinating article in the December 2013 violin magazine about the most famous violins of all time.

A selection of recordings of Tony Gwynne demonstrating his virtuoso abilities.

The importance of listening for a violin’s resonance.

A look into the relationship between the pitch of a violin, how it varies with the temperature, and its strength.

Musician’s Perspective: the role of string resonance has been an interesting subject in the world of violin playing and the instruments themselves. Some would argue the most interesting guitar player of all time is Joe Satriani on guitar. A fascinating and informative presentation of his work with string resonances in the guitar.

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