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If you can’t find one, try the Yamaha violins.

Can I change my Yamaha (or others) Violin (and the neck) to look like a different instrument?

Technically, yes. The only question to ask is how you intend to use different neck shapes and other modifications. Changing the neck from the original stock to one with a different grain or a different binding (or altering the soundboard or bridge at the fret slots) may not look right. Yamaha violins come with a black hard case on which to put the guitar after it is installed.

Why do Yamaha violins sound so different than the Gibson (Viola-S) or the Fender (Fender-S). Where is this difference a difference? Are they manufactured differently?

When a guitar is made it is assembled in a studio in Italy or Italy. After the guitar is completed the neck is made, assembled and ready for the player to use. The two instruments have different construction techniques (and a little more work to do), but they both have similar characteristics.

Why are there two sizes of Yamaha Fender guitars (Fender-S and Fender-C)?

Both sizes utilize the same components, but the guitar manufactured for the USA uses a different fretboard, bridge and body shape, while those manufactured for the UK use different design factors and materials.

Why are Fender basses so expensive?

The price of a Fender bass varies somewhat based on the features offered. For many years Fenders were priced high for their basses based on their size and features, with the Fender-3 used as their benchmark for bass pricing (later the Fender-B used). Some instruments have higher features and prices with less than stellar sound. Most musicians prefer the sound of small and inexpensive instruments, and some of the higher priced instruments are better than others.

Why are my Yamaha (or others) Fender basses so noisy? Do they blow?

These basses have a good sound, so noise shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Some basses do have a sound that is so clean and articulate that it just blows out at high volumes. A higher cost bass often has a brighter color in the brighter highs, and a brighter bottom end so it’s louder than you’d want. The Fender-B, and possibly the Fender-S, have an open sounding bottom end that sounds good with high volume.

Why is my Yamaha

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