How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Learn Violin Book

The first thing you need to do is to check the value of your violin. In our case, the violin is very old, so we can use some rough estimates.

For example, if the violin looks new, but it is probably still in rough condition, you know that your instruments are worth very little. However, if it looks new, but had been damaged to the point of being worth nothing for decades, then it might prove to be worth several hundred dollars.

On our violin, we used a valuation tool called L’Aigle, which calculates the value of your instrument using data on a number of different factors like the year, the wood type (birch, holly, etc.) and other related measurements. This data is then passed to a sophisticated computer that will then do a very thorough “forensic analysis.” It will perform a number of tests and find out how much it might be worth. The result will be a price.

What is the value on this violin?

It is very hard to say, or even say that it is definitely worth very little money, since it is an ancient instrument and we can give rough estimates. There is no guarantee that a new violin would be worth less than a used one. We will have to use the data that L’Aigle uses to make the valuation. If you know the history of your violin and the historical value of your instruments, this should put your new one in a good position to buy for your cash.

However, there is an advantage to not using L’Aigle: It’s not going to tell you if your instrument is valuable. This method is also prone to errors. We found that we would often buy instruments that were worth less than we expected.

However, there is a downside to the use of L’Aigle: L’Aigle uses a rather coarse estimation of the value of your instrument, which means that all your estimates can be wrong. The most common way of correcting mistakes like this is to make a new appraisal.

Will my violin make a profit?

Probably not. This method of buying a violin involves much higher risk than buying a used one. However, we feel that a decent violin is worth a nice price, even if you don’t expect it to make a profit.

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