How much does a flute cost? – Beginner Violin Notes Finger Chart

Flutes generally come in two prices: a complete set (flute and tuner), and a kit including the tuner, strings, a tuning slide, and a box and box of assorted accessories. The whole package can run between $500 and $2,000. To complete that package, you’ll have to buy an all-in-one “tune-in-time-machine” tuner, a tuner’s stand, an instructional DVD, one-third to one-half a dozen accessories, and then, at least, a whole lot of travel. And that’s just on the tuner!

Do you have “the kit”?

Yes. There’s a ton of stuff out there, including kits for the Flute. It’s a great deal–a flute kit from the Flute Company of North American, Ltd. can run between $1,500 and $3,500, depending on what parts you buy. You could buy the entire package with a tuned instrument, or you could just get a couple of parts that you’ll need. And yes, you will need a whole lot of gear: a tuner ($40), a tuning slide, a string guide ($15 to $20), all sorts of accessories including cases, slide-on picks, a tuner stand ($40 to $60), and a box.

Do I want to use my own tuner?

No, though maybe you should. Most tuners are made by a company and sold by a company, and they get quite expensive — sometimes by a lot– depending on what is in the box. If you have to make a decision, choose a company that doesn’t make the tuner (like the Chinese, who make what I call “dirt-napkins”).

Which instruments would I want to have on my side?

There are lots of different styles of flutes, some of them are quite ornate and well-crafted, others are fairly utilitarian, but all flutes can be beautiful instruments if you want them to be. I recommend a vintage-inspired “flute tone” — a bright, thin and clean flute with a high-pitched sound — over any other style.

When I want just one instrument, I’m happy with a Gibson; when I want my own, I’ll buy my own

Is there any difference between American and British made flutes?

Yes. For example, an American made ”

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