How much does a Stradivarius violin cost?

For you, there are three types of guitars. The classical models start at $30,000, which will usually come with a high-gloss black finish. These were the cheapest guitars ever made, they’re known for their smooth sound and beautiful wood grain. With the exception of the rarest Stradivarius, the guitars can range between $70,500 and $200,000, and there is one model in which the wood is very soft and supple, allowing the violin to play like a concerto to the point of perfection. The second type of guitar is the “modern” models, which come in at over $5,000 but are more expensive than they are in the classical world. However, they are still some of the hardest working guitars out there, and they offer more comfort. The most expensive guitar to date is the Stradivarius Super Stradivarius in G Major – it’s $40,000 to $60,000 depending on the finish. The highest price to date of a super-sturdy, handblown instrument came in the 1960’s when the Austrian violin maker, Hans Ulrich Zohner, made a super-sturdy Stradivarius for Nelson Rockefeller, one that was a few decades earlier. The instrument had a mahogany body with a rosewood neck, and was made to the very highest standards. In 2010, the world was astonished when Zohner died, from a heart attack. He was 84 years old. He was the father of Walter Zohner and Ludwig Zohner, and together they developed some of the most unique instruments ever made. In his will, Hans Ulrich Zohner left the Stradivarius Super Stradivarius to Walter Schoenmaker, who has since worked to maintain the Stradivarius as an instrument in high demand. According to the official statement, “Zohner would have approved a second Stradivari, but he never got around to it.” The world of “Modern Classical” guitars starts at around $25,000 or so with many of them being made by a few fine violin makers such as Michael Kors (a very fine violin maker) or Wolfgang Gartner (one of the world’s best violin makers). The Stradivarius itself can be built to a rather luxurious, almost luxurious cost. Stradivarius Super Stradivarius G Major $40,000 Stradivari Concertino (1961) $70,000 Stradivari Super Stradiv
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