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It’s $1,099, and it’s only 5.2 pounds, less than the $2,300 price tag for a grand piano. The instrument is housed in an 18-foot-tall bass cabinet that is actually two 16-foot-tall pianos. The one on the right is on the left, the one in the center is on the right. Credit: Photo courtesy of PIANO HARDWARE

Cheri Averill, 31

Cheri Averill, 31, used to be a computer programmer before getting married, and working as a freelance graphic designer for a year. She now works as a musician at an arts and crafts centre. She plans to keep playing even after she moves away, and thinks that’s a testament to the quality of the instrument she plays. Credit: Courtesy of PIANO HARDWARE

The pianos, for the most part, are quite affordable: $1,099 per bow, for example, and not much more than that for the larger pianos. Some are made from a combination of wood and steel or other materials, and it’s difficult to tell where exactly the instrument begins and ends. But for the most part, the pianos are not quite a luxury product. “I like playing on a little violin because it’s very different from most of the instruments out there,” Averill said. “The beauty and elegance of the instrument outweighs the cost of purchasing [one] new. The instruments I like playing on are all the same ones that the piano makers made. Some of the piano makers are making them for the piano players.”

One note, though: a few of the pianos on sale have no strings. That said, many others carry little more than strings. Credit: Photo by Mark L. Smith/The Washington Post

So, at the end of the day, they’re all affordable. And the main draw is the value.

This article originally appeared on NPR.

The city of Detroit said today it will move ahead with a $375 million plan that would include a casino but eliminate a tax exemption on the proposed expansion of Olympia Casino Hotel.

Earlier this month, Mayor Mike Duggan, Attorney General Bill Schuette and casino developers said they were close to finalizing the deal, and the city is awaiting signatures from the state Gaming Commission on whether it will go ahead.

The plan, which the city announced this week, would give Olympia, which recently

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