How much is a violin cost? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Drawing Classes

A standard instrument will cost around $800.

How much of a violin does it take to make?

Some of the more delicate and expensive instrument parts such as brasses and fingerboard are hand crafted by the violin makers. It’s up to what the violin maker feels is right for the instrument and he or she will get the price just as it might if you buy it directly from them.

Should I buy a violin or an enameled plastic instrument?

If you want the best looking and the most quality, then have a look at an enameled plastic violin. That means the piece is made from an enamel which has a finish that is usually a lot lighter in colour than the wood. The metal glues it together and creates a finished look. Some manufacturers even offer it as a finished set, but these usually sell out quickly and not for everyday use.

Why not all enameled plastics are the same?

Because it’s a lot harder to get them to be as nice colour as they are, or even better. In the early days when the company was starting out, manufacturers would take one of the first enameled plaques and stick it on the violin so it looks like a real metal violin. It was thought they would be able to do it quicker than the metal could be made to look. In the end the production line would come up empty, and they would return later on and add a better, better version of the original enameled plaque with colour changing strips. Most of these manufacturers are no longer in operation. They’ve all left behind a wealth of information so that collectors and buyers can get the best of both worlds.

For a little different view of a lot of the different types of enameled plastics in use, go to :
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Are all enameled plastics the same?

No. Enamel is composed of an extremely thin layer of metal which is placed upon a layer of water which forms the glinting surface. The metal absorbs colour from the water. Then a different kind of paint is applied and the colour changes. The colours change as the glint is turned off and on again over a long time so your eyes will never truly “get it”. All a violin looks like is some enameled plastic at the end of the string and your eyes. Don’t worry, you can make one that looks

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