How much should I tighten my violin bow? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Magnetism For Kids

If the bow is too loose, then the strings will become entangled with one another and will bend over. This can damage your bow, and if your bow’s string is still too brittle, you will need to tighten the bow even more.

If your bow is too tight, the bow will not be able to bend as easily. The bow will also become flatter. This will affect the feel of the shot.

The ideal length of bow bowstring should be around 8.5cm. If you tighten the bow to the minimum and then try to get it into the 10cm range again, then your shot will not be as accurate.

Tightening bow bowstring can affect your stringing, and this can affect your playing.

How do I lengthen our bow bow string?

If you tighten the bow slightly to 7.3cm, and then try to get it into the 10cm range again, then your ball of wood will not remain straight.

You must tighten the bow at least a full inch if your bow bowstring is not too loose.

You should try both positions before you decide if you want to try again.

Be aware that it can be too loose and the string can damage your stringing. Some people have had to use other types of string if they are having trouble in loosening the bow’s bowstring down.
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Tightening bow string and the proper length of the bowstring must be a constant process, especially if you want to try again, because it will take some time to adjust.

However, you may wish to experiment with shortening bow string and see how it goes. It may take a few tries, so just give it a whirl!

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