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We’d go through a lot before we’d find the time to learn something new, and that’s how we learned a lot. My mom was a teacher for 10 years. I would play the piano and her teaching was the most valuable thing I had in my life. Music helped me become a better person and the reason why I’m happy to be where I’m at now.”

On writing his first song on acoustic guitar: “I was playing in a lot of bands in high school and college, but I was always interested in writing my own songs, so I would be at the mall, somewhere recording, and I’d ask my brother who works in a record store and was there for some albums that had a lot of guitar tracks, and he’d tell me, ‘I don’t have any guitars, just write these down’ and I would write songs and then I would go in the basement and play ’em. That’s really how it started.”

On his style: “I always feel my song is influenced by who I’m listening to. I love the Beatles, like the song ‘I’m So Tired’ for example. And I like Led Zeppelin, especially ‘Dazed and Confused.'”

On the success of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ as well as other tracks at his upcoming record label: “As far as a label, it’s up to you. I know that some people say it’s going to be as a label just being the label, but I think music should be free for everyone who wants to make it… There might just be a few rules, and just maybe that’s a way to get people involved in the process. I think it’s worth it, I think this is a great thing for the world, and hopefully I can have a couple good records out and be doing something.”

On what makes ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ different from previous EPs: “I think the first thing people might notice about me is my vocals, I had more people singing and it’s definitely different about this record than any of the others. And the other thing is that our new singer was born in the fall of 1980 so we’re talking a little bit in the ’80s, but also, what’s happening from a business/marketing standpoint – this is our third album… if you listen to our first two records, a lot of them were quite commercial sounding, whereas this record has a lot more soul and a little bit more indie feel to it…

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