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I am very pleased with how my son has responded to his new “tutorial” on woodworking (he is 7 and an avid woodworker!). It is a simple tutorial that teaches basic techniques from basic to advanced. The project in the video is called a “Spindle Saw” which is a simple but effective saw that can be used for almost any project. I have used other saws for woodworking and have to say they aren’t the least bit as good as this one.

Thank you for such a simple instruction; it is great fun to watch and is a great way to get some good experience and learn techniques from your son about woodworking.

The latest episode of Game of Thrones has been an excellent one, a sharp, violent, and utterly unforgettable look at a world at war. It’s also one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen. It feels like you’re watching the best versions of every role that’s existed (and still exists) on television over the past decade.

This is a Game of Thrones that’s as dark, mysterious, violent, thrilling, and complex as any of its predecessors. Every character has gotten more complex (if only in the sense that they’ve become more human), so the overall tone and plot now feel even more complex than they did last season. This week’s episode brought back a couple of characters from last season; Tyrion Lannister and Ser Jaime Lannister have been in the spotlight for a very long time. They’ve been a constant in the story to be fair, so they deserve more attention than they’ve received from the series thus far.


The showrunners have been doing incredible work to bring these two back into the fold, to make sure everyone’s on the same page. That said, a small section of the episode that aired last night was a fairly simple one, but a great one, in that it gave us a brief look at how these two characters came into the show.

For those who have followed this blog for a while… you know how when we first learned about the show that these two were characters we were going to see for the next five seasons (maybe more), there was a discussion of who “Joffrey” was, and who he was based on. The showrunners then decided to make it a storyline that was more about the Lannisters, and made it a big