Is Cello harder than piano? – Learn Violin App

Not really, I think you are more apt to get something out of it if it’s not a ‘hard’ or complicated tune. But if it has some variation in melody, chord progression or a simple tune or scale it can be very hard to play. I think if you can work with a piece for a short period of time, then it can help you to get something out of the piece. I have to admit though that Cello lessons come to me less frequently than piano lessons. I have found with guitar lessons I start to play better when I am playing with a guitar, and then go from there.

You play very clearly in Cello and in Piano

Yes, and I think that is partly because when you play very clearly in Cello on acoustic guitar you also play more comfortably. It’s harder, but that’s why I think if a student has difficulty with Cello and Piano, I would say that if you were to change their technique you could get them playing them better.

13 Tips to Learn Violin Faster
How do you improve as a guitarist?

I always listen to the recording, but then you have to put yourself in the spot of the singer. It’s one thing to read a score very slowly and it’s another to be in the spot to hear the performer and how the material sounds. I have found that it’s a different technique to learn what someone is about to sing, so if they don’t quite do a right vocal impression I can help find which lines are too slow. But as soon as they’ve got a good line and they can sing it well, it’s a good thing to try to help them with it.

When you play piano for a long time, which chord moves do you prefer?

I am not a good pianist, I’ve never been that good. I like fast moving chords. But sometimes you can’t play slow chords; and if you have slow chords, you can’t go fast either. I think the biggest mistake students make is thinking that because they’re learning to play slow chords that they should get more and more precise with their finger. But that is not the case.

If you are going to play slow, I think I prefer to do so with little steps and not a lot of extra time. I think the more time you spend with a piece the more you are going to understand what it is that the performer is trying to say. With the same instrument, sometimes you can play fast but it’s not the same kind of

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