Is first violin better than second? – Coursera Violin Course

A: This is an interesting question. I think first is better. First violin and second have very different sound characteristics and they have different qualities. It is true that first violin has a more open sound. The first violin can be characterized as being somewhat more full. The second, when you listen to it, it is a little quieter. There are different qualities, so you can say one has a better sound, or there is a third violin with a better sound. The second is not better than the first violin, but more so. First violin is a little bit brighter. The second is even brighter. It is very interesting to listen to both these, but first violin’s sound quality and third violin’s sound quality are very different. That’s why I think first and second are best.

Q: In your opinion, which one is better?

A: First violin is probably the prettiest violin. But if you are looking at the string you are more comfortable with it. For example, your head is much more relaxed when you are using the second violin. So if you want comfort when you are using first violin you have to think to yourself, “is my head relaxed and my head is not very happy that is not the most comfortable thing”? First violin should be the prettiest.

Q: What would you say determines how good a first violin is?

A: The first violin should vibrate to the same pitch as the first violin of the concert. When you listen to the first violin and it vibrates at the same pitch, it sounds better to you. Also, when you practice the piano the first violin also will not sound very good, even if you use it for a long time. You have to consider that you have to play for a long time.

Q: How do you think about the first violin?

A: I think the first violin is better than second, but it is very different in sound quality. I have two different opinions: what is the best? What is better is not to answer this question, so let me tell you this: the best thing is to listen to it and make a choice. If you make a choice and you feel the first violin sounds very good, then listen to it for a little bit and think about it. If it doesn’t sound so good, then try again. I think you should listen to it a little and decide.

Q: What is your greatest regret in the violin?


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