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No. French horn is similar to the violin in that it is an acoustic instrument, whereas the violin is a concert instrument. However, French horn is designed to sound the same as violin sound, and to have the full range of sound. This means your instrument has the advantages of not only sounding well, but also having the exact same range of music. However, if you have a difficult time getting your instrument to sound the same as the violin, you may wish to look into French horn.

Is a French horn better than a violin without a bass?

Although French horns are similar in most ways to French violins, they are not the same. In the case of French basses you will find a more modern bass section with more instrumentation and higher levels of amplification. They use a slightly less elaborate bass guitar, and some are manufactured with a small violin sound.

Which instruments are the best for French?
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For music lovers, there are more than one type of French horn. There are three types, the French trumpet, the French oboe and the French cornet, and these are called French horns.

What are the benefits of using French horns?

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