Is it hard to learn the violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three The Art

The hardest thing to learn about it is I want to know a lot about the instrument. I really want to know the sound and how the string plays. You can learn that but you do need to do a lot of practice. This is actually what I found the hardest thing to learn. In England, you don’t have to get up before the sun in the morning. I’m like “No, I don’t know what the sun is like, I have no idea how it’s going for me.”

How do you think the violin influenced your music? Has it given you more insight to your art than anything else?

The violin is always a connection in music. The violin has a very simple tone. It’s easy to tune it. I can’t say what it inspired my music but as a performer I’m always more interested in the music rather than the sound, so it’s probably not that I heard it or had access to it. This is just that I love the voice and I’m fascinated by the instrument. The other thing I learned was, I play a really bad violin and a pretty good violin and the difference between that was the violin.

You’re clearly a music enthusiast. Where did this passion happen?

The violin happened because I heard a lot of people playing so when I started writing, I had to learn it because I didn’t have one. There was a few strings in my pocket at the time so I just took what I liked, played it in various instruments and that’s when I started learning it. The violin became a really important part of my musical work.

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