Is violin harder than cello? – Learn Piano Notes Worksheets For Kids

Answer: No, that is something that is easily fixed through playing.

The violin player gets better.

There is nothing like the feeling of becoming one with the music.

Filling this gap for myself with a couple of short pieces that I can take for an afternoon is an outlet for my violin-playing that I’m not able to play when I’m working.

It also means I don’t have to take time away to get my grades up to give concerts.

I can focus more on creating music.

There’s a feeling it’s ok to work less so you don’t have to.

It also feels good playing a music you love. As a musician I’m naturally a great listener, I love music and am always open to being exposed to it.

As a violinist you have to take breaks and work harder

There’s more to play than just performing the piece one has already mastered

Being around the orchestra is invaluable not only for learning the music but it helps make music less abstract, which gives more depth as you get deeper into the piece

When it comes to the work itself I’m very passionate and like being under the same creative fire as my orchestra colleagues

Working on a new song or piece of music is an invigorating experience and I have a real desire to make sure things are as good as they can be

My work is not just about making my instrument play, it’s also about learning how to develop something from scratch

So in a nutshell…

I try to do all of these things and more!
Learn to Play Piano: Its Easier than You Think And Can Be ...

What I have yet to achieve is to do them over and over and over again.

For that I would say I am a lucky lady because of my job and being able to do what I want (with some things becoming too much to deal with on my own).

If it could only be that easy to take each piece I am offered and make it the best thing out of my reach I would be able to reach my goals.

It probably won’t happen but that don’t make it impossible.

Do you think you could benefit as a violinist and what would you add?

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