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Not at all. And I do my best to ensure your experience will be as comfortable and effortless as possible. When I’m at home, my violin makes as much noise as your phone makes at any other time of day.

As a guest, it’s important to remember that this is a one-time event. While I will always be delighted if you spend any time with us, it is never appropriate to keep us for longer than your allotted stay.

Do I have to be with my parents?

No, you don’t have to be with your parents. If you’re on the other side of the globe, we recommend making arrangements to be together during your time with us to help with language issues (or just to have a beer after a hard day at work).

If you are coming alone, please have someone to guide you. If you’re with your friends, the more people you bring the more chances you have to forget where you are.

You don’t need any tickets to get in to the show, but tickets do need to be picked up at the door. We ask that you please keep the check or credit card information in your possession at all times. Please remember you don’t have to bring your passport or airline confirmation. You may not be able to get your passport back in time.

Please don’t bring any of your luggage. We have to transport you to and from the venue on our own private vehicle. There are only two bags max (one for me and the other for you), and we have to fit them all into the backseat of the truck—even if it means some extra work. We ask that you please also take out your cell phone charger and anything else that might seem handy.

Is there a dress code?

When are the events?

What’s the dress code for a violin concert?

I’m a soloist, what level are you all at?

All level of soloist.

What are your dress codes?
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When we’re playing shows in Canada, we require all soloists dress professionally with tie-dye suits and ties. While we have lots of different styles available, please refer to our website to be sure of the correct style for you. Your suit should be a black suit with tie, but please note that if you wish to wear a white shirt with tie in addition to the black suit your suit may have to be very long (over two feet long or

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