Should I play violin or piano? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Drawing Images

In my opinion I could play a piano, but the music was so difficult that I just don’t have the skill to play it.

Do you think people would pay $30 for a violin? The cost for a violin, which costs around $40, gets me every now and then to learn to play.

Do they ask where you got the instrument? I do most nights.

Do they ask you where you learned your technique? You would feel uncomfortable telling a stranger where you have been playing. There are some friends who have taught me how to play many of these instruments. I have played violin, piano, and guitar.

Have you ever played any other instrument besides instruments? No. I am not competitive enough to play other instruments.

Do you have any hobbies? I do not have any hobbies but sometimes I go to the beach with my family for a day or two.

When do you get your income? I get it on the first week of January, when I receive my paycheque from my employer.

Have you ever made money as a teacher? Not so far. There were many teachers I had studied in Thailand, and many who were much more talented than me.

Do you have any plans to become a teacher in your future? No, I am not planning to open a school but I am still interested in other subjects. My future career could include teaching, acting, music education, or teaching French and learning English. As long as I continue to study and continue to practice my art I want to keep at it.

How long are you teaching again in Thailand? I would expect to teach again next year.

What should you look for when choosing a teacher in my city? They all have very good music and dance skills. The teachers can be very helpful and friendly to students.

Do you like to write about your music? Yes. I love to write songs about my love for music, and about life.

Your music is very special to you. How does it mean to you? It is very special to me to have people like you in the world! My art is what I have to live for, and I do it with my art. When people hear my music it helps me to love and be happy. So it means the most to me that my work has had this effect.

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all played it.

We’ve all been there.

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