Should I play violin or piano?

I am a little surprised by your choice of piano, especially since violin and piano have the same name. But violin and piano are quite different, and it should be clearly said that all instruments are different.

In a music session, every player chooses his instrument and his skill level. The instrument you play, is just as important as the skill you want to achieve. As a beginner, the best piano for you would be an old model. In fact, you don’t need any new instruments when starting out in classical music. You can get the most out of a classical piano by listening to an excellent teacher.

Playing a classical piano is something totally new, but it does give you all the experience for your new instrument.

But the first time you play an instrument, it is not easy. It is like getting a new car. It depends on your driving skills and your driving knowledge.

To get better, you need some practice time with the piano. Every week or so, for 3 months, do some practice on your violin, and play a couple of pieces of the same kind. You also read my blog to get a feel of my teaching style.

Do you want to change your piano technique? Do not give up on your classical training, even though it takes some time to get right, as it is very possible to get back on the right track. So start with a good beginner lesson, as you need to gain the skills and the confidence in your playing, not because your skills are already good, but because it is very important.

If you do get to a point that you find playing classical better, then you can try different types of playing. For beginners, I recommend you to do a lot of practice on an electric bass, as you are used to it. It can be played for short periods on the keyboard, but can be played in a different rhythm as well. It can also be played with a good drummer.

In conclusion, the more you practice and the more comfortable you become with your new instrument, the better and more effective your teaching will be.

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Where to start your piano lessons?

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