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Scratching your rosin is not always a sign of something wrong, but is just a sure sign. When your body craves the oily body lubricant with which it is accustomed to shaving and/or shaving with oil, there must first be an ulcer or other skin irritation.

If there are not more than three ulcers, you are safe. Otherwise, it is advisable to take your shaving razors back to the shop to get a new set. Scratching an old razor for a while could cause more problems than if you scratched your new razor.

Why do I have to go to the shop?

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There can only be one doctor for your health problems. Therefore, you should see an expert for your health problems right away and then visit your doctor immediately as soon as possible after.

I think I am dying. Please tell me why?

Your skin is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of your body. An old razor can crack your skin, damage your delicate organs, or even kill you.

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For those who have already gone to the doctor in the past, their doctor may recommend you to come back for repeat physical examination. Your own doctor will not perform further examinations if you have already gone to the doctor regularly. Therefore, if you are having trouble with shaving your rosin, go to the doctor and ask how to scratch your rosin safely without leaving a spot.

If the medical professional you have been seeing cannot diagnose your skin problems easily, ask for treatment from a holistic health practitioner in your area. There are many practitioners on-line in Germany who are qualified to perform treatments on your skin problems.

Many people say that they can get rid of their rosin and shave their rosin without leaving any marks on their skin. This is not the case. For many, even when they do get rid of their razor, all they can scratch is their rosin. The only thing the rosin will show is the razor’s reflection in the mirror, and on some people it might even appear very shiny.

After the shave, after rubbing and rinsing for 1 minute, your skin will be in the process of re-hydrating – so, once again, this is a sign that the rosin has been scratched.

The sooner your skin feels good again, the better your razor will feel after shaving. So, your body will not feel better from a shave – it will be

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