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When we’re done rinsing and rinsing we can put the rosin in an old wash bucket, or we can fill one with water that is slightly acidic, and squeeze it out of the bucket as the rosin gets into it. We only do this because we don’t want a lot of sediment in our water. We do not want a lot of the rosin on our food. When the rosin is squeezed out of the bucket add to the rosin, we use about ¾ cup per meal and the rest goes into a wash bag or container as described next. Then all we need to do is boil it down and wash the container and you’re done.

Does using cold water mean there is no risk of food poisoning?

No, you still have to be a bit careful not to splash the water so it doesn’t go anywhere. If you don’t have any problems using boiling cold water, you should make sure you don’t spill it!

How much water should I rinsing a food in for rosin?

As a general rule you don’t want to use more than 1 to 1 1/2 cups per meal, depending on the food. This may seem like a lot for 1-2 meals, but there’s a reason for it. If you’re rinsing one or more meals it will make your water and water that you rinse a bit less acidic than what you would normally use. If you are rinsing multiple meals it makes it even less acidic.

Is it okay to boil water again to rinse out the rosin?

No, this is bad for health. Boiling your water makes the pH levels change a bit, which can damage foods. Once again, only in very rare circumstances can it be okay to boil your water to rinse out the rosin.

How are we going to use the rosin?

In our home the recipes we make that have rosin in them do not use it. For recipes where it is used it has a purpose to help the food work better and get the nutrients it needs out of the water. If you have rosin in a dish then it can be used as described above, you just need to put it in a cool place. You could use it to add a few drops of food coloring or in foods where you need to get rid of it.

Do the rosin ingredients stick together?

Yes, but not enough to be a danger.

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