Should I scratch my rosin? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

The answer is ‘yes’ as you have to touch your rosin so that you can use the paint properly. Most people don’t scratch the top of their rosin, or if they do it is usually because they forgot to use the paint in time, leaving the top just a bit dark. Now with the most important point out of the way, if you use just paint and a rag on your new project, do not be tempted to just “smear” your rosin on your project or let your brush do the work. Instead, use a stiff brush or a piece of cloth on a small amount of paint. The idea is to leave all the paint on your rosin so that it works better over the new paint surface. After some initial effort, some extra time and patience, you should be surprised at how much better your paintwork will be under your new coat of paint. Here is a simple guide for how to “smear”, this way if you go back and do the same thing, you can be sure that you don’t have a paint job that you are going to have to throw out because the rosin has gone all smeared around.

Step 1 – Paint to cover the newly covered area so that it is easy to remove. This step is actually a lot easier on a wet paint job than on a dry one and will take just a second or two. After you paint a new section of your surface you will find that it has a small “cloud” of paint which means that there is some paint left behind, let that dry. After this stage I usually put a clean rag on a small amount of paint and let it sit for 15 minutes or so and then I wipe that off with a rag. This is done to help the paint hold its shape and I have found that that can help to make a smoother finish.

Step 2 – Apply the new “coat”. Now for more advanced techniques. If you are really working on a large area I often start by covering it first with a thin layer of paint on the surface. Now, I will make sure to apply a good coat of paint along the inner edge, the area where the paint was applied before the new layer was done. This means that I will work in a general direction so that I can put as much paint on every inch that I need to make the desired effect. If you need a hint, apply it in a straight line. Don’t worry if that part is a little wet, it just means that it needs to

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