Should you clean violin strings? – How To Play Violin Chords

This is an issue that has become very complex through time and through people trying to answer the question on our forums.

When the strings are dirty, the wood grain will start looking very lumpy and it gets difficult to bend the string. The sound quality is diminished and the tone will be too dull. It has many contributing factors but that’s a good idea to get you started in cleaning them.

When is it time to clean?

When is the right time? To answer this we would ask you as a musician to think very hard about the fact that all the factors that affect the tone of the string are the same ones when the strings are dirty and when they are clean.

Think about that for a moment. How would you answer our question.

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Is cleaning the violin strings a good idea at this time? (I will say no if you answer this in a negative way)

What are the effects of not cleaning them?

These are not simple. You have to remember that a dirty violin will not sound that good and you will always have a few more strings on the shelf than what you need.

There are a few things that can be done to make sure your new violin strings are healthy and your playing will sound good…

1. Choose appropriate brand

Make sure to select a violin for yourself that has a good range of brands in it.

I would ask you if you would take the risk that the string would end up being out of warranty. The chances are very high that you will pick up something that has worn a part of the string, that breaks, or has other imperfections in it. It is also likely that you will need to replace it.

The other piece of advice is to choose something that has at least a few years of use on it.

The first year should be a fairly big concern for every player.

The strings get soft and it will soon cost you the money to replace them

2. Choose the right size

The size is something that is easy to forget when a new violin strings are purchased.

I think one of the reasons for this is that the violin manufactures have been making these instruments and selling them over the past few decades. There is simply not a huge difference between two different brands if the difference is in the string diameter.

In many cases, the string size has very little bearing in regards to the sound.

3. Choose a violin

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