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Children under the age of five with an advanced or advanced-level instrument are likely suitable for piano lessons. If a child is less than five years old, the parent/guardian should ask the child’s school doctor for recommendations concerning when a young child is able to return to school.

Do young piano players need regular lessons or private lessons?

In most cases, piano lessons are provided on an individual basis, rather than as a scheduled package. However, the parent/guardian may have a choice of receiving weekly or bi-weekly piano lessons, as long as it is of an equivalent quality (e.g., they are able to play the piano well enough to be competent, comfortable with the instruments, and/or have no special skills that require a specialized instructor) and of being able to return to private lessons after the child reaches the appropriate age. If a parent/guardian desires to continue piano lessons, the musicologist may wish to discuss the parent and child’s desire for piano classes, music lessons, music lessons as a private tutor or music teacher for an elderly parent, or as a member of a school choir or orchestra.

Should I use a private tutor or piano teacher who has previously had a professional piano teacher license?

If a professional pianist has previously had a professional piano teacher license, the parent/guardian may prefer to use an individual piano teacher who is not a professional pianist. However, the musicologist should discuss with the musician whether you plan to have your child attend regular private lessons.

How much can I spend on my piano lesson?

Some young piano players may spend an entire afternoon using a piano teacher’s personal piano and playing on their own, but the musicologist should discuss with the musician the possibility of using private piano lessons for a short time.
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What are the benefits, costs, and other concerns when making a decision about piano lessons?

The major benefit of piano lessons is a better understanding of the piano and is helpful in learning how to play the piano. Some costs of piano lessons include private piano lessons, insurance, travel expenses and personal cost for personal items such as furniture.

Can I use a private piano tutor or piano teacher to teach my child piano?

No, the musicologist cannot provide a complete, free, or low-cost piano class for a young child that can replace the musicologist’s regular music lessons. There may be other expenses and services that, in a case-by-case basis,

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