What age should you start violin lessons?

There is some debate within the professional violin community with regard to starting the learning process early. Some think that if you listen for the right notes, you will eventually have a good instrument. Those who have experimented with the violin in the past find that they are not able to develop a natural feel or to produce a sense of balance and musical expression unless they experience the beginning stages of the piano’s development. Other practitioners think that you should start learning at a very young age and that learning the violin as a kid can be a very good preparation for a lifelong love of music.
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I think the key to developing an ideal violinist are very early experiences, a desire to experiment and the need to create a new approach to learning. A good violinist starts learning at the age of seven but I think those who want to develop a lifelong career in the instrument will start when they are ten or twelve. The right age to start with an instrument like the violin is when the child has a strong desire to learn and to be more involved with all aspects of the instrument. I think that the early experience in the violin is the key to developing a natural temperament and developing a sense of balance and musical expression.

It seems everyone is trying to teach their child to play an instrument so there is no end to how they want to educate their child. One way is to give the child specific notes and play them. A good teacher can get a sense of what the child likes, what the child does not like and where the child likes to improve their playing. A teacher can also help the child learn to tune and to use the piano or to find the ideal tone when playing an instrument.

If they can do that for an extended period of time with their instrument they will have a better understanding of technique and it is that which makes them a good violinist. As a result, they can focus on working on their technique. They can learn to be aware of what they are doing wrong and develop techniques which make it easier to correct their mistakes.

One way of developing what teachers and violinists often call technique is to find one’s own ideal tone. Some people think their ideal tone is a very low tone in the sound, some people think their ideal tone is a medium tone and some people think their ideal tone is a loud tone. Others think their ideal tone is a low octave. Others think their ideal tone is a high octave. The teacher then creates a series of tones within those ideal tones, using different techniques when different