What are the hardest instruments to play? – Learn The Violin Fast

There are a few things that definitely take a considerable amount of time and practice, but they don’t seem to be among the easiest ones. Some of these are really difficult:

1) The “Santorini” tuning

Tunes for bass, drums, guitar and piano that can be performed well. I’ve also played “Santorini” when I was younger. The instrument is played with the fingers and the palm of each hand, using all the fingers and the thumb at the same time. The first part is very fast, then it slows and the whole thing becomes slower. It’s a good instrument if you’ve got good fingers. You’ll need to practice it constantly.

2) The “Wachsorf Tuning”

Also known as the “Chicano Tuning”, it is commonly played in the West for strings. It has more chords and the instrument is generally considered easier to play. The first four notes of the tune are sharp or flat at the highest points of the instrument.

3) Eiffel

A piece whose notes consist of a single keyed chord. The first notes of a melody must be played in a key the tune is in. They are then divided by the fourth to find the fifth note. The second note, from the fourth, is used in the final chord. The Eiffel scale is a two-note scale. It’s called the “Schrödinger Scale” because it is based on the fact that a note that appears at the top of an 8-note scale is an eighth of its lowest note, and therefore also an eighth and a half of a note that appears on a 7-note scale. Because of those two facts, the third note of a Schrödinger scale is only an eighth of the note in the middle. A Eiffel-scale scale can be divided into four groups (the notes in the fourth group are each one-fifteenth as powerful as the notes in the third group). These intervals are: first, second, eighth and fifth. Each group is referred to as “key points”. The chord from the melody is named “the major scale”, and if the chords are playing and you choose the Eiffel-scale key you see the following chord progression.

F#dim C#maj E Gmaj Dmaj G Gdim D#dim Dmaj Ab F#dim F#dim Dmaj G

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