What instrument should a child learn first? – How To Learn Violin Beginners Lessons In Tamil

The first time you teach a child piano, you have to ask yourself how the child is going to get a grip on music: Does he need a grand piano to play the music, or are there other instruments with a better range of sounds? Is it easier to learn to play a guitar, or is it easier to learn to play a piano? If you have a child that is already a great musician, it might be that he can learn the piano or guitar at home.

For more information on piano and guitar as preschoolers, see the link here at PlayNow.
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What time does a child learn piano?

The age of piano playing changes rapidly with baby’s size and development. The age at the piano seems like a random age for every child, but there may also vary with a child’s health and nutrition. It might be that you do not know exactly at a certain age, and the best age to teach a child piano might be later. A doctor might even suggest a starting age of six months.

If a child starts playing at six months, this is a pretty good start, as it should be about the time he has started to walk and talk. The infant needs to have some time to get used to having a piano as his principal musical instrument.

For more information about piano and time in preschoolers, see The New Music Kindergarten by Julie J. Minkoff and Nancy D. Brown, published in 2001 by The Book Publishing Company.

Is it harder to teach piano after the child is older?

There is a lot of research showing that it is easier to teach a child piano than in preschool as a young child, even years after preschool is over. A study from 1995 has found that as a preschooler a child who first learned to play a piano and then later learned to play bass, was about the same in knowledge and ability of a child who had begun playing at age three, if that child could remember the notes accurately. The more practice a child develops, the more difficult it might appear to be.

For more information please see an article from an article, “Piano Lessons & Teaching Techniques With A 6-Month-Old” in a preschool journal. This article has information for parents and teachers, about how to teach learning to play the piano more effectively with a newborn or toddler (see the article link at RightWingPose.com).

Are there any ways to develop the piano technique, and how much time

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