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Is it the sound of it? What’s the purpose of the note?

I’m not sure. We need to remember that “a” has no function in music.
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The city of Seattle has announced plans to ban street racing on its streets, including those within the downtown core, beginning April 1 next year.

“Street racing on our streets is no longer tolerated,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Wednesday.

The ban prohibits “street racing of pedestrian or street traffic.”

It’s not a complete ban. It only includes racing on the streets surrounding downtown, Seattle’s downtown core or within 15 blocks of that, the mayor said.

Murray added that the city will work to enforce the ban, but he didn’t say how many people will be affected by the new law.

Here is the full text of his statement explaining the change:

I am announcing the city will be banning street racing on our streets beginning April 1, 2017. This change is in response to a number of pedestrian crashes that we have seen in the last several years. We want to make it easier for motorists to safely navigate our city, and we know the safety of our citizens depends on it. This new law will help. It will increase penalties for those who drive recklessly while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other substances that create or increase risk of severe injury to others. It will also increase enforcement of laws prohibiting street racing, and it will make it harder for people to get around without the help of an experienced driver. For more, go to: http://transportation.seattle.gov/policies/laws/street-races-and-racing/

In 2012, Murray introduced legislation on behalf of Seattle Police officers that would have allowed street racing to continue at certain times — when certain times of day and other circumstances, such as rain, had been approved.

That effort was blocked by a court decision that struck it down on legal grounds.

But there were three more months of legal arguments before the Seattle City Council voted on the measure that would ban speed in traffic, the mayor said.

That vote took place in March. The council voted unanimously to support it, despite opposition from drivers who said it would be too hard to follow the law as written.

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