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It just makes it better.

How long did you spend on this project?

I never thought I’d spend a lot of money. It wasn’t too expensive, but I didn’t spend any more than if I’d spent it on something else. I bought my son a viola a few weeks after you asked about it.

I’m really proud of myself.

Why do you think that is? It’s amazing.

It’s the most beautiful thing here.

Who were your musical heroes?

I’ll tell you something special. I played in a jazz band. I think John Coltrane was my inspiration.

When and why did you get the call from Steve Coogan?

We were staying in London. It’s an interesting story, because I had a few conversations with him about the movie and he wanted to do something where people could play an instrument. I had a couple of instruments, but I was not allowed to play them. After a couple of weeks I asked if I could play his viola. He said yes and I played it right on the set.

Did you audition?

I hadn’t auditioned at that time, but we sat for the audition together. We were really good musicians from different backgrounds and everything went really well. We got our places.

You wrote some of the songs.

It was fun.

Did Steve Coogan ask you to do the songs and how did you feel about playing him?

I was playing his viola for about a week, when he called and asked me. I played it and it got me excited. Then he asked me if I could play in the movie. And so I got on the telephone and said yes.

Why didn’t you play with other people or with different singers? It feels strange to play with this guy who’s playing a beautiful instrument that he created for himself.

We talked about it. If you play an instrument to this point, it’s very tough to make a career living it, because if you’re not able to do it with other people, then you have a problem. And I felt really good about that, so I did it with Steve.

I’d like to thank you for talking with me.

Thank you for having me. I really admire you.

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