Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Violin Learning Tutorial

In some countries, there is an obsession to improve the instrument, which makes violins and cellos too expensive for a lot of people. The Chinese now have a greater demand for violins, but violins are still expensive.

In any case, violins and cellos play more than 100 notes in a flute, and some singers make more than $100,000 each from those instruments.

Why do you play the cello?

You have to be pretty tall and have good balance when you use cellos, because you hit the strings harder when you’re in a cello position.

When you’re doing a solo, it makes me very anxious. It means I’m not making that high tempo I set with the flute, so it’s much easier to get into a good rhythm.

The cello is a very powerful instrument in the right hands, and I get so much satisfaction out of it.

We are a small group of musicians, so if we’re playing a recording, it’s probably going to be on our own. But I love it. It’s very challenging, and it’s a very rewarding instrument.

And if you don’t like it, what do you say to people who say something like “Oh, you should play more the cello, it’s better than the guitar”?

I tell them, “You probably have more stamina than I do.”

Why did you take all this time off doing your job?

I was doing a lot of travelling, and I just wasn’t feeling well.

I had a broken foot recently, and in the beginning of July, I had a massive blood clot. My doctor said, “How long you going to be away from your home?”

I was looking at it and thinking, “If something happens to you and I’m not there to be there for you, I don’t know what that would be like.” I wasn’t sure if I could deal with that.

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Is it hard to have your head in the clouds?

Yeah, it’s difficult to live your life while having a job where you might be sitting at a desk for two years of a person’s life. What’s it like when someone comes along who doesn’t do that and you feel a bit sorry for them? But I really love my job.

Some people say

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