Why does my violin sound bad? – Best Learn To Play Violin App

Why do some violins sound OK and some like trash?

It’s because violins aren’t perfectly accurate products in their sound reproduction capabilities.

To understand why, you must consider the fundamental technology being put forth. For decades, high-end players had the luxury of buying a high-end instrument that could reproduce and reproduce extremely accurately all possible frequencies of human sound, from high-to-low-frequency to low-to-high-frequency sound. Because violins were more accurate and the quality of sound had been maintained for a longer time, their sound was much more pleasing to the ear. Violins were simply easier for the ear.

So naturally, the more accurate your violins are, the better the sound for the ear. And with good reason. With sound, you get what you pay for. The more perfect your instrument is, the more the ear responds, and the more you will not be left unsatisfied. You need perfect violins for the most important thing in musical creation – your audience can’t hear what you can’t hear. The most sensitive human ear is a violin or violin-like instrument. A violin is a violin, and the human ear is a violin.

I’ve been playing for 20 years, and am now a seasoned pro, having learned to play violin in the 1950s. I can tell you from my ears that a violin with the same sound quality as an acoustic guitar will always be more accurate. At this point, I have played many, many years against many, many violinists. Over that period, I have discovered the following:

There is a difference in pitch, and the difference is between 2 to 12 decimals, depending on the size of the sound that the human ear is dealing with. The larger the difference in pitch, the more you hear distortion.

No matter how accurate your instrument is, when there are too many of the same instruments, there is always the risk that a combination of instruments will degrade sound quality to an unacceptable level.

There is a difference between sound quality. Some violins play very loud, and can be loud enough to sound like a gunshot, even when no harm is being done to the music. Other violins play at a very quiet level, and can be heard as a faint squeaking sound. The difference between the two is very subtle, but very significant.

Different brands of violins have different frequency response. If you don’t have the luxury of buying a high-end

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