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How can I fix it? How to set it up like all the others? What’s the worst thing that can happen in my life?

If there ever was a book that has changed my life, I suggest this. If it was helpful and if you think that it’s worth reading, please buy it.

What is The Life of an Amazing String Player?

It’s a book about myself and about my experience. There are stories, pictures, a timeline, but most of all, there are essays that describe the way my guitar plays, how it sounds, and what it’s like to play it.

The book comes in two parts: the first part discusses how much I’ve learned; with one or two chapters per week, I’ll write a chapter or two of this book each week. It will consist of one blog post (or one article) each week and a short introduction page detailing where I’m from, the time I started, when I started playing the guitar, the guitars I used, and how I played at the different levels of my learning.

Since the guitar plays a fundamental part of my life, I’ll cover the things I’ve learned with an emphasis on mechanics and tone. And you can check out the last of the videos I made which show how the guitar sounds. They show how it sounds and the various parts of a guitar’s sound.

I’ll also start at the beginning and get to the present in each part. I’ll use all the resources I have to help me learn, and I’ll start with one of the parts and make the guitar part a part of the conversation.

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[Update: I’ve also written a followup blog post with a short update after writing this one to clarify some of my points. You can find it here.]

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