Why is playing the violin so hard?

If I were a real violinist I’d find out something more useful to do. I’m just a lowly musician.”

And now the next phase of the story begins the final chapter!

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As you may have read, the NFL has announced that the Ravens will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl LI on Sunday night. The Ravens will be in town, traveling to Pittsburgh in a special bus to honor the city of Baltimore and the city of Baltimore fans that have supported them throughout their existence.

The Ravens will do this by traveling to Baltimore along with their “Beltway Strong” friends from the Ravens Club and the Baltimore Colts. The three groups of Ravens Club members (including Joe Flacco, Paul Kruger and Ozzie Newsome, and also John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed) will ride in the Ravens bus to serve as a tribute to the Ravens for not giving up on the fight for a Super Bowl title.

We will be hosting the Ravens and the Colts for dinner Sunday evening after the game. A special treat will be made available for fans that come by the table.

There will be some surprises to be had for the Ravens and Colts. We have a few to share.

“There’s no such thing as a true championship unless you’re playing for it!”

We think they meant it, right?

The NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has agreed to be on one of the private jets to transport people around the city of Baltimore and back with the Ravens. This means that there will not be many people out partying. Rice is an incredible man and it’s amazing he’s even willing to do this! We thank Rice for his incredible generosity, this is a privilege we cannot provide to our fans in Baltimore!

The Ravens have agreed to send us a picture of Ronnie Lott on one of the private jets. Ronnie Lott played in Pittsburgh as a Raider. He went out and ran his routes, made plays and even became known as “The Iron Cowboy.” Ronnie was so excited to be returning home after playing in one of the best cities in the NFL for so many years. This trip is part of his tribute to the Ravens and Baltimore fans.

The Ravens have also agreed to allow us to shoot a fan’s story with them before and after the Super Bowl. We’ll be bringing more “Beltway Strong” friends to the game!

Thank you for supporting us in this great journey