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As a beginner or intermediate player I know you might think that the price is way too high but I would like to dispel that notion so let’s discuss the reasons behind the price. The name violin may get you thinking because it’s a popular instrument, however the truth is that it’s a very expensive instrument which comes from a very rare material.


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The violin was invented in the late 1800s by the violin maker Franz Liszt and originally called the “Vibration violin”. However after some experimentation several different violin makers and the violin maker Friedrich Leitner were able to improve upon the original model. They did this by making the violin lighter weight for easier handling, improved the string tension, better violin tuning, etc. As a result of this research and development violin manufacturers used the term “Vibration violin” to identify the violin.

Vibration can affect the vibration of any instrument causing it to become more fragile and not as responsive to finger pressure. You may have noticed how some instruments vibrate a little less than others and this is because the strings vibrate through the body rather than over the strings.

Although strings vibrate through the violin you can definitely use them more efficiently to boost the overall vibration of the instrument since strings can generate more harmonic vibration.

The sound you can get from a violin is a great feeling and can be a little distracting especially if you find you get the same feel from playing the same piece for a long time. To hear the true musical quality you have to try various styles of music and try different parts of the same piece. If you only play this piece every day you’d probably forget how good it sounds and you could miss out on the most exciting part it can offer a musician.

You need to choose an instrument that’s durable enough to play all day but for violin lovers it’s not just about comfort, durability, comfort and quality, and the best part about these three aspects is you can use different kinds of material to create special effects.

Quality of Borne wood – This comes from the wood of the tree that bears the instrument making the string softer, easier to control and easier to make an illusion of depth and dimension, and hence more effective in producing the highest level of performance.

Titanium – The strength, flexibility and the weight of the metal are the result of a process called machining. The titanium strings are made of a different metal called niobium. The sound vibrations are further increased

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