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The violin is the most complicated instrument to master, because it can be played in many different positions and has many different parts, such as the tuners, the hands, all the hands on the neck and the strings. Also, it has a complicated neck design, which means that it’s difficult to play with the right fingers. All this makes the violin ideal for piano playing.

Did you know that violin has one of the most advanced technology?

Not only do violin manufacturers have a very close relationship with their customers, but they also spend huge amounts of money on research and development in order to create the best violin for violinists.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and he’s not alone.

“Obama’s not a citizen,” Trump said at a campaign rally in February 2012. “The president was not born in this country. He was born in Kenya. He was a citizen of Kenya.”

The fact-checkers are still struggling to evaluate that claim.

“FactCheck.org examined the original statement from Mr. Trump on Jan. 20, 2012. As many media outlets have pointed out, the president was born in Hawaii and not the United States. FactCheck.org also noted that the president’s mother, Ann Dunham, had not been in the country when her son was born. So, it’s just not true,” the fact-checker said.

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But in June, the AP Fact Checker found that he was right about Obama’s place of birth. “The fact-checking organization determined that Trump’s statement was accurate,” the AP reports.

Trump claimed that Obama made a “big mistake” by releasing a book about how he came to learn of his birth. “I think he did something very stupid,” Trump said of Obama’s decision to write The Audacity of Hope.

FactCheck.org, however, found “that the president released the book under pressure.”

And that was before he was elected president and said he didn’t care whether Obama was born in the country or not, “because I don’t think we should have a birth certificate,” Trump said at a rally in 2012.

The man accused of killing two women who were walking home from the movie theater in June 2015 was the victim of a hate crime, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has announced. Steven Tyler, aka “Stinky,” was identified as the alleged murderer.

According to a statement from prosecutors

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