Why violin is the hardest instrument? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

It is not really all that difficult to learn to play and it takes a tremendous amount of practice. In my opinion, the violin is the hardest instrument to learn to play and the reason why people give the violin one of the highest grades is because of the amount of practice. The piano also costs less than the violin.

What do you have to say about the use of violin and viola instruments?

As a child, one of the biggest things that brought joy into my life was listening to my parents play violin with me. Since that day, I have been playing violin and viola for more and more and this is how I learn to play them. My dream is that many children will grow up playing these instruments.

What would you like to see people do as a future violinist?

I think we should continue to be the people that bring joy to everyone around us. It’s important that violinists learn to express themselves, make others laugh, and enjoy themselves more. All of us should be open about our emotions and not hold back from sharing them.

What was your first violin recital?

Probably my first recital was when I was only eleven. It was in my second grade year as well. I played two violins and three cellos, and when I went home I had my hair done by my parents.

How did your parents and teachers respond to your interest in this musical instrument?

My parents appreciated both my interest and my talent for music, and they were extremely supportive and very patient. Also, I was fortunate that they supported me for being more responsible. My teachers, even at a young age, supported me with music education for my first violin recital. It was important for me to share these lessons with the students and their parents that could benefit from them.

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