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Lance Armstrong said this afternoon the USADA report is a “complete lie.” In an hourlong press conference with US attorney general Jeff Sessions, the 37-year-old cyclist blasted the USADA and said the organization will be exposed as a “lying and corrupt organization.”

“It is a total lie, a complete lie,” Armstrong said in response to a question about the report. “There’s no smoking gun.”

Armstrong claimed he has nothing to hide. He said if the USADA had “probable cause” to believe he may have used performance-enhancing drugs, he would have provided a written denial but he didn’t. Instead, Armstrong cited “public interest.”

The report was commissioned by USADA and released Friday. It accuses Armstrong of multiple violations of the anti-doping code, including using a banned substance, human growth hormone, while doping. Armstrong vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and USADA launched its own investigation but it failed to prove an illegal use. Armstrong’s lawyer accused the agency of a double standard and said, “it’s disappointing for a country to have our clean athletes being treated like criminals.”

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Armstrong said the “real victims” in this report will be the athlete who received performance-enhancing drugs because their lives were “saved,” and those who suffered “mental injury,” lost their job and suffered physical damage.

“I don’t think anyone would have put up a wall of defence if I had used drugs,” Armstrong said. “No one would be standing there with a gun to their head.”

It’s worth noting during today’s press conference that the USADA report is being released three days before the two-month deadline for Armstrong to report any further testing and to plead guilty to a doping violation or stand trial for the charge. This comes a day after USA Cycling announced plans to hold a meeting in December in order to continue to build public support for the organization’s anti-doping policy for cyclists.

Armstrong said he has spoken with USADA CEO Travis Tygart for three years and that these things are “on the table, on the table, on the table.”

Tygart declined an on-record interview on Friday, but Armstrong released a statement via his attorney saying that “I would like to thank Travis Ty

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