Are life coaches legit? – Sample Life Coaching Business Cards

When talking about fake life coaches, we have to remember that there are a few reasons why a person with experience might want to try to create a fake life coach. The first and most obvious and legitimate reason is that you’ve been lied to as a child, and you need to find someone to tell you that your problems are more fun than your parents ever knew. If all you want is a good story about how your dad was a bad guy who tried to kill you, a fake life coach may be the best thing for you to do.

The second and far more important reason to create a fake life coach is to tell your story straight. If you have the privilege of living a life with a fake life coach, you can tell stories that others haven’t heard and that your story will make the others think better of you. While all true storytellers claim that they aren’t telling a real story. They can’t help it. If they’re telling a real story it may just be a story because they have to tell a real story to get to the point. That doesn’t make it any more authentic. While they might be trying to be authentic, as humans we would much rather tell a good story than a good lie.

The third and arguably most important reason that fake life coaches can be useful is because your life will be greatly reduced if a real life coach is running your life. As you grow older a real life coach is only going to tell you what your parents thought you must know. If a real life coach tells you that your mom has to be a terrible, cruel woman because of the way she treated you, you may have a much more positive outlook on life.

When considering that you need a life coach to tell a good story, imagine that it’s your best friend’s best friend from high school. Now imagine that your mom doesn’t love you because she thinks you’re a cheater with your boyfriend and she wants to kill you. Would you want to be with this girl you really love anymore if she told you this was the best thing to ever happen to you? A fake life coach may be much less manipulative, but they may also believe your tale a little more than your best friend would.

As a final word of caution, even if you do want a good story, life coaches are not for everyone. Some people will fall into the trap of wanting someone to tell them the real truth just like their parents did. However, this is an exception and you should find

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